Introduction to Data Visualization: Student Projects

A compilation of final projects completed by students in the Fall 2016 data visualization course at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Instructor: Peter Aldhous; thanks also to J-School lecturer Jeremy Rue for help and advice to students.

Lucas Waldron

A Town Divided

Patagonia, Arizona, is a town divided by the mining industry. These visualizations contextualize the conflict in the town by highlighting economic, environmental, and historical trends in Patagonia, Santa Cruz County, and across Arizona.

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Paayal Zaveri

Entering the Lottery

Immigrants vie for a limited number of work visas.

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Christian Stork

Shell Games

This project looks at a network of companies, their assets, and directors. It is part of an ongoing investigation into foreign organized crime and money laundering activities in the U.S.

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Graelyn Brashear

Sea Change

As summer sea ice vanishes in the Arctic, the Pacific walrus faces an uncertain future.

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Ike Smith

An Atlas of Suffering

This project visualizes some important aspects of inequality in America, by race and gender.

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Brian Rinker

The Stenches of the Bay Area

The Bay Area has a lot of stinky smells and places. The most malodorous are reported to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

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Sam-Omar Hall

In California, Dems Often Battle Dems

In recent decades, the California state legislature has been increasingly dominated by Democrats. Changes to the primary election system mean that Democrats may now battle in the primary and then again in the general election.

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Sabhanaz Rashid Diya

How Oakland Police Are Collecting Your Sensitive Location Data

A visual analysis of automatic license plate reader data.

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Mariela Patron

The Exonerated

Data visualizations from a larger project that profiles people who were wrongfully convicted in California and applied for compensation.

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